Ferrier 30 Antwerpen gerecht


On 14 October 2004, the Lampis brothers opened Ferrier 30, at which time they already operated two highly successful restaurants, De Gulden Beer and Arte, in Antwerp's old town.

Ferrier 30's cuisine is strongly influenced by Italian culinary traditions and mentality. The emphasis is on the purity of ingredients, whose basic ingredients are often imported in-house. Classic Italian dishes are served with a twist.

At the outset, it was immediately clear how Ferrier 30 would take shape: a contemporary, streamlined and refined interior, aesthetic and timeless, without too many distractions. The focus would be on the dishes and wines at all times. And, of course, on the service, which should be professional as well as relaxed and personal, making every guest feel welcome and appreciated.

Since June 2024, Miguel Dheedene, Jill Schreurs and Olivier Stamm have been in charge. The menu will still feature traditional Italian classics, but the chef will also add new, fresh creations and regular summer suggestions.

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Sfeerbeeld Ferrier 30


12h-14h30 and 18h-22h

limited menu from 14h30 until 17h

Closed on tuesday & wednesday

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