Ferrier 30 Antwerpen


Visit Restaurant Ferrier 30, a jewel among Antwerp's restaurants known for its exceptional culinary performances and stylish ambiance. Located on the atmospheric Leopold de Waelplaats, Restaurant Ferrier offers an exclusive dining experience that enchants locals and visitors alike.

Refined Cuisine in the Heart of Antwerp
Restaurant Ferrier 30 is famous for its innovative approach to classic cuisine, turning each meal into a work of art. Our menu reflects a deep appreciation for culinary excellence, with dishes carefully crafted from the finest ingredients. Whether you choose to enjoy a fine dinner, a leisurely lunch or celebrate a special occasion, Restaurant Ferrier 30 offers an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

An ambiance that exudes sophistication
The interior of Restaurant Ferrier 30 is as impressive as our menu. The interior is elegant and modern, with a cozy atmosphere perfect for any occasion. Our guests can enjoy a comfortable and inviting setting where every meal becomes an occasion to cherish.

Reserve your table at Ferrier 30 restaurant
To ensure a seat at Restaurant Ferrier 30, we recommend making reservations in advance.

Please use our online reservation system for quick booking,reservation via phone use +32 3 216 50 62

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Sfeerbeeld Ferrier 30


MO - TUE - THU - SU 
12h-14h30 & 18h00-22h30

12h-14h30 & 18h00-23h00

Closed on wednesday.

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